Conspiracy: Alternative treatments for people with acne


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A lot of face cremes contain urea. Urea is in urine. If you look up urine therapy, many people swear by urine therapy using their own urine as a face wash and that it cures acne. Look it up on the www. It's bizarre but it appears to work. here is just 1 link:

Urine Therapy opinions

Washing your face with ozone-ated water could lower spots but this would require you to buy an ozone making machine.

i personally wouldn't take antibiotics such as Doxycycline because it will start to wipe out the good bacteria in your gut which you require for digesting food. Also with this good bacteria being lost, candida overgrowth may start.

Drinking nano silver in liquid form can act as a better 'anti-biotic because it doesn't destroy the good bacteria but it's expensive

Nano super silver 10ppm

You can make colloidal silver to drink yourself using a machine but this won't make nano silver but it also could help with spots.

Bob Beck device that makes colloidal silver

How Ionic and Colloidal Silver kills Germs video

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