Conspiracy: Videos Showing The Electric nature of The Solar System


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Documentary from the Electric Universe team entitled, The Lightning Scarred Planet, Mars, showing proof that the landscape features of planet Mars were actually formed by electric discharge arcs from one or more planets.

Standard comet theory appears to be provably incorrect. With the electric comet model, comets and their behaviour can be much better explained. Documentary on what comets really are and how they're formed.

The Electric Universe team have a plausible theory in their below video documentary that our solar system had a different planetary configuration in the past possibly as early as ten thousand years ago where Saturn, Mars, Venus and Earth were closer to each other. Where terrifying events occurred as seen from Earth and the main planetary body worshipped was not the Sun as Sol or Helios but was planet Saturn.

Documentary explaining The Electric Universe Theory entitled Thunderbolts of the Gods.

Written by Editor033

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