Conspiracy: Connection between The Falklands War, Intelligent black oil, Marconi Deaths and 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster


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The black life altering oil in the Prometheus film has allegedly been found on Earth and was possibly the main reason for The Falklands War. The strange Marconi Deaths are possibly associated with the experiments on this black nano oil and the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil crisis possibly occurred because of drilling for this oil at too greater depths than the technology allowed for.

These video interviews with David Griffin are extraordinary and take a while to get going and you need to ideally watch all 4 parts.

If you watch Part Four about the intelligent nano black oil being drilled for in the Gulf of Mexico which allegedly leads to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster, then there is a reference in the video to a Nexus magazine article about a French embassy intelligence report on the international submarine activity around the disaster site. Click Here to download this Nexus magazine article in pdf format

Bases 17 Nano Oil connection to the Falklands War Parts One and Two

Part Three Video about the Marconi deaths that are linked with the nano oil.

Part Four mostly about the 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster which appears to be associated with drilling for the intelligent nano oil

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