Conspiracy: JFK and Jackie Kennedy faked the JFK assassination head shot using a movie squib


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i heard on radio Jay Weidner saying that he believed that JFK and Jackie Kennedy faked the JFK assassination 'head shot' using a movie squib that actors use in films to simulate bullet hits.

In the Zapruder video below, when we have been told on TV that JFK has been shot in the throat, what actually is happening is that JFK is getting the squib from inside his jacket and then he places the squib on his cheek. He hasn't been shot because there is no blood at all coming out of his throat.

Jackie kennedy leans over and pulls the chord to activate the squib. Then after the squib is activated, there is a small 'explosion' and the aluminium foil of the squib rolls up JFK's face to create the illusion of a bullet hit. In the zapruder film (below) you can see all this.

Jackie, then instead of either hiding from any real bullets or seeing to JFK, ignores JFK and goes out the back of the vehicle to collect a part of the squib that has flown backwards. She does this to collect the evidence of a squib being used.

Part of the Abraham Zapruder film showing the kennedy's faking the assassination.

The answer to whose dead body is on the autopsy table that we are told is JFK in the morgue photos is Officer J. D. Tippit, who was allegedly shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. Officer J. D. Tippit looks similar to JFK and does looks like the dead guy in the morgue who we have been told is JFK.

Composite of JFK and J. D. Tippit

J. D. Tippit image

If you still believe that a bullet did hit JFK, then it's weird that in the zapruder film, JFK looks to get shot in the cheek but the autopsy photos below show no cheek wound.

Autopsy photo, which is actually J. D. Tippit not JFK

Speculation as to why they would fake this is because:
1. JFK and Jackie were to break up but as JFK was Catholic, this wasn't allowed. JFK wanted to live with Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Jackie went to live with Aristotle Onassis.

2. JFK was disabled and had Addison's disease where he only had a couple of years left to live and didn't want to play President to his death.

3. The Kennedy family could still be part of the elite but could get sympathy from the public

4. The controllers set up the public for a huge dose of trauma based mind control.

Written by Editor033

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07 August 2015
Notice the side of the limo beneath the President's arm, at the beginning of the video, before the limo goes behind the freeway sign.

Look at the reflections there. The reflections are not of the crowd.
The reflections are of the motorcade itself. Or a similar one.

The Zapruder film and the rest are essentially (moving) photoshop jobs.

Look to early still and motion compositing and special effects.

Looks like the front screen projection technique Jay Weidner points to as how Kubrik put together his shots in 2001 and how the Lunar landings were faked.

{Ed033's Note - yes, it's been theorised all along that the Zapruder film has been altered to the point of being fake


14 July 2015
This seems too elaborate involving the military and gov't agencies just for public appearance sake to hide JFK's marriage separation. The President isn't like a king in which separation from the queen could affect national and international politics.

{Ed003's Note - there's probably more going on than we know. The zapruder film could also have been doctored as per the rumours as well.

It appears that the swedish prime minister Olaf Palme also attempted to fake his own death to hide he had aids and got it via homosexual sex. But someone decided to turn the fake death into a real death.




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