Conspiracy: What's in the pipeline for planet Earth?


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What's in the pipeline for planet Earth?

Most of the world's nuclear power stations are built on or near to fault lines. This must have been done on purpose and we know the consequences i.e. Fukushima

1. Fukushima

The reactor core of at least 1 of the reactors at Fukushima has burnt through the bottom of the reactor sending huge amounts of radiation into the pacific ocean.

the Fukushima disaster has already killed off most lifeforms in the pacific ocean between japan and the west coast of america because of the he amount of radiation going into the pacific and will continue to kill off more lifeforms over time and spread to other oceans.

This may sound quite bad but what you read below is very bad and unfortunately is true.

On top of this there is an estimated 2000 tonnes of plutonium that is stored on top of the 6 reactors at Fukushima. At least 1 of these reactor buildings has started to disintegrate, meaning within the next X amount of years, tonnes of plutonium will hit the ground and start to burn up releasing a possible extinction level event amount of radiation into the atmosphere, mostly staying within the northern hemisphere but the closer you are to japan, the more deadly the radiation you are exposed to. The entire northern hemisphere will become uninhabitable after a few years.

i don't know what they can do about this, but the fact they are doing zero about this at all does not look good for us.

So if the northern hemisphere becomes uninhabitable, you'd expect wars to obtain land in the southern hemisphere.

Fukushima Updates:

Recent massive failure at Fukushima

David Icke's take on the Fukushima disaster

Arnie Gundersen on Radio Show

36 signs the media is lying about fukushima radiation affecting the west coast

2. Nuclear War/WW3
we know that they were planning ww3, they've been telling us this for decades, if people have been paying attention. However there is a possibility that they may have split into 2 groups over whether to actually have a real destructive nuclear holocaust type ww3 or to have some kind of non destructive 'soft' type kill off instead.

We have also heard about the prophesy that the 3rd world war will start in the middle east and then we've heard rumours that world war 3 will be a thermo-nuclear affair leading to famine, pestilence and a huge lowering of the population of Earth.

Therefore any of the wars in the middle east could have fulfilled their prophesy of world war 3 starting in the middle east and at a later date 2025? a thermo-nuclear war could take place between NATO and Russia and or China (who could be ready for war in 2025). The reason for the 2025 date is because allegedly in that year, the planets in the solar system are in their most astrological "war like" positions for the near future which is in compliance with the "as above, so below" part of the elite's "religion".

3. Use of Uranium Weaponry
they used uranium weaponry in the first gulf war but they said they would never use the uranium weaponry [unless they (the american's) had lost ww3] as it would turn the Earth into a radioactive wasteland. They have continued to use the uranium weaponry and to me this is a sign that there is a powerful group that wants to turn the earth into a radioactive wasteland.

Depleted Uranium and the politics of radiation

4. Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)
The theory is that at some point, the Sun will let out a gigantic coronal mass ejection that will wipe out most of the life on Earth.

Even a smaller coronal mass ejection that has happened before we had our electrical grid on place could wipe out the entire electrical grid of multiple countries at the same time.

No government would be able to deal with the electrical grid going down so unless you're in Switzerland or Russia where underground bunkers (with food/water supplies) for everyone has been planned for, otherwise you're on your own.

In computer simulations when the electrical grid goes down, one week later gangs form and everyone starts killing each other. At that point it's over for people in those countries.

5. Genetically Modified Food
Genetically Modified Foods could render human females sterile after a few years of eating GMOs not only that it appears to cause tumours to grow after a few years of eating GMOs.

Sir Julian Rose talks about genetically modified food that has been deliberately designed to wipe out the human population.

Seeds Of Death documentary by Dr. Gary Null on the dangers of genetically modified foods

6. Magnetic Pole Shift / Super Flood
A Magnetic Pole Shift would almost certainly cause some kind of global catastrophe

Super Flood

Rapid Geomagnetic Reversal Possibility: Confirmed

Magnetic Pole Shift Reversal

7. The extreme low sunspot activity in our Sun (based on the past) could mean a mini ice age in the northern hemisphere occurring possibly within our lifetimes.

8. Agenda by ruling class/elite to lower population

NASA War document. Deborah Tavares interview on the Nasa War Document (War against humanity)

9. Geo-Engineering
The deliberate Geo-Engineering taking place right now could ruin life on Earth

Dane Wiggington presentation on Geo-Engineering

10. Agenda 21
The New World Order/Agenda 21 crowd have allegedly put in writing that they want a significant part of the Agenda 21/new world order agenda (NWO) in place by 2025.

A small part of Agenda 21

What is Agenda 21?
In an attempt to explain this, here's the way i see it at the moment. There are 2 'elite' groups. 1 group wants to reduce the population to 500 million human slaves (who spend their time as slaves on the coastlines) and have a small elite class who own everything and live on a pristine Earth where the interior of most countries has been returned to nature (This is Group 1's Agenda 21. The agenda for the 21st century).

The other group may appear to be human but do not think as humans (they maybe clones or possessed by 'Walk-ins' or Archons). This group wants to eradicate humans and turn the Earth into a radioactive wasteland with some type of artificial life forms being on Earth. (This is Group 2's Agenda 21. The agenda for the 21st century).

So both groups appear to be acting as 1 group at the moment in the lowering of the population, except if you're in Group 1, things like the use of depleted uranium weapons (which they said they would never use as they would turn the Earth into a radioactive wasteland), Fukushima, the gulf oil crisis, Fracking, the geo-engineering stuff that ruins the Earth, doesn't make much sense to you as this goes against Group 1's Agenda 21.

So, it's Group 2's Agenda 21 that's being implemented and everyone in Group 1 will be taken out with everyone else.

Written by Editor033

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