Conspiracy: Why do the elite ruin the Earth?


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The Earth is being ruined on purpose. The exact opposite of whatever should be done not just on this issue but other issues as well, is deliberately being done. The evidence is overwhelming.

Here's what we know; the mega rich/royalty types have been going along with an agenda thinking the outcome is the following: the Earth is to be turned back into a pristine environment with humans (as the their slaves) only living in a 100 mile zone around the coast lines of the Earth. The population of these human slaves being reduced ultimately to 500 million (as per the Georgia Guide stones). We know this because this is the Agenda 21 of the mega rich/royalty types and they have conferences about this.

However we don't see the above agenda 21 being played out, we see the exact opposite, we see over whelming evidence that the real Agenda 21 is the ruination of the Earth, with no natural life forms on Earth just artificial life forms.

i'll give a few of examples below of the evidence but a full article is required to make it beyond clear that the real agenda 21 by a very powerful, unknown group that don't care about themselves (if they are human) and don't care about the Earth is being carried out.

I first knew something was terribly wrong when they first used the uranium weapons (DU) which they said they would never use as these weapons would turn the Earth into a radioactive wasteland after a while. They continue to use these uranium shells / bullets / missiles.

We know that with mobile phones and wifi, that they deliberately used frequencies that cause harm to our bodies, when they could have used frequencies that our bodies do not take any notice of.

We have an astronomical rise in autism from 1 in tens of thousands to allegedly now 1 in 50 (our society cannot function with any more increase in autism). We now know what's causing the autism in babies (obviously we're being lied to about this) but it's due to a toxic overload to the baby, from the multiple vaccinations being combined into 1 injection when they're too young to handle that mega dose of toxins. It's also probable that the mobile phone/wifi frequencies are also having an effect as if these frequencies harm adults then these frequencies also harm babies.

We have cancer rates going from 1 in 1000's in the early 1900s to now allegedly 1 in 2 people going to get cancer sometime in their lifetimes.

Another thing that is bizarre is that super rich types/royalty types only eat the finest organic food, except someone has the agenda to create GMO plants which we know will eventually wipe out the non GMO foods.

We also know that they have been spraying aluminium oxide + other stuff into the atmosphere (which allegedly is to reflect sunlight to allegedly help prevent 'global warming') and a lot of that aluminium oxide falls to Earth which suffocates natural plants but doesn't affect GMO plants as they have been specifically genetically designed to cope with aluminium oxide.

We know that bees are dying out and as they pollinate a lot of our natural food, the theory at one time was that if the bees go extinct, then so do we, hence the need for GMO foods that don't require bee pollination. The bees could be dying out due to the chemical spraying or the mobile phone/wifi frequencies

The mega rich/royalty types thought that the geo-engineering and weather manipulation technologies were going to be used to turn the Earth into their pristine dream planet, however we're seeing that these technologies aren't being used for this. (see Dane Wiggington presentations. one is below)

The mega rich/royalty types still want to introduce the carbon credit scheme, whereby the more carbon you or a company use, the more money you pay to their scheme. Obviously the mega rich/royalty types think that the giant corporations (that they are shareholders in) would have their carbon tax paid for by 'we the people' through government subsidies and that all other companies would go out of business as they couldn't afford the carbon tax.

Also we would be totally controlled by this carbon tax scheme because it would cost too much to do anything. Doing almost anything involves carbon dioxide. However, i would imagine that the mega rich/royalty types dream of total financial control and population control through carbon tax would backfire on them and the whole world will be thrown back to pre-industrial revolution times because the mega rich/royalty types carbon tax wouldn't be paid for by us. Thus there would be a break down in society, which would be this other unknown group's agenda 21.

It appears that they can now get the people to go along with any of their agendas by making it politically correct to go along with the agendas because there's so many people thinking that if it's part of political correctness then in order to be a 'good' person, then it's a must to go along with it.

I'm thinking in about 20-40 years, unless we 'wake up', we're in big trouble.

Written by Editor033

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