Conspiracy: Why is the NWO agenda so negative and evil?


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why is the NWO agenda so negative and evil rather than being positive and having some greater purpose that makes sense.

In order to work out, 'WHY', you really need to know the biggest picture.
The macro system we live in has evil built into it. What seems to happen is that if humans become 'lazy' (in the form of not raising their consciousness and at the same time don't stop evil) then evil will very slowly take over and wipe out all natural life on Earth.

Evil maybe there to keep humans on track. There's hardly any humans actually raising their consciousness at the moment or stopping evil. (None of the major religions raise human consciousness).

The evil seems to give pointers, give evidence and even flat out tells and as well as shows us that it is doing evil and will continue if it's not stopped.

Evil probably does things slowly so it can be stopped but if it's not stopped then surely it has been allowed to do evil. Since the End of WW2, we seem to be in another period in history where we are allowing evil go amok completely unchallenged.

What evil seems to be doing is getting humans to wipe out all other natural life forms and will try to get one group of humans to wipe out another group until there's nobody left.

If you're paying attention, we have all life in the oceans slowly being wiped out, we have animals and flora on land being wiped out at never seen before rates and we can now watch while one country after another is ruined.

Written by Editor033

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