Conspiracy: The Anomalies with the Death of Princess Diana


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Princess Diana was not killed in the car crash itself because eye witness reports live at the crash scene were reporting that she was sat up talking to the medics as she was put in the ambulance. It appears that she was killed in the ambulance as she allegedly arrived dead at the hospital.

The crash site itself was originally where European royalty hundreds of years ago used to meet up if they they had a disagreement so they could have it out with each other.

Princess Diana was originally scheduled to come home from France on August 30th but a number of excuses were made so that she couldn't. The reason for this is, if they are going to do away with royalty, they have to do it in a ritual manner.

The goddess, Diana was worshipped at a festival on August 13, if you're going to end Diana's life (not worship her) then you would have to invert the number 13, which gives you 31 and you would have to commit the evil deed on August 31. (which is the date of Diana's death) in 1997. Whether 1997 is significant is unknown but add the numbers 1+9+9+7 together and you have 26, which is 2 x 13.

Also remember that goddess Diana's number is 13 and the car she was in, crashed into the 13th pillar in the tunnel.

Add to this that the street cameras leading into the tunnel of the crash were switched off just before the car she was in got to those cameras. Also add that radio hams noticed that telecommunications went down just before the crash.

As the ambulance took about 40 minutes longer to arrive at the hospital than it should have taken, i suspect that some 'high priest' type performed some ritual blood sacrifice inside the ambulance that took about 30 minutes to perform and it was probably filmed.

In addition, Princess Diana was told by intelligence agents that there was a plan to have her taken out via a car crash and this info was allegedly written down by Diana before her Death.

If you add the above together, i believe it was no accident.

As to why Diana may have been purposely, permanently removed, my take is this:

Princess Diana was from the Spencer family which is allegedly part of the Stuart royal dynasty. Obviously the Queen and Prince Philip are from German royalty and allegedly, the Queen mother had this idea to increase the legitimacy of her German line being on the English throne by having Prince Charles marry Diana's older sister, then ideally have 1 or 2 male children with Diana's older sister.

The Queen Mother was friends with Diana's grandmother and or mother so it was quite easy to arrange a marriage between Diana's older sister and Charles, except Diana's older sister turned Charles down so Diana was offered the role instead.

Obviously, now we know that Charles was never interested in Diana but with Camilla instead so after William and Harry (possibly not Charles' son), Diana was pushed aside and ignored by the Monarchy and Charles pursued Camilla.

After this, Diana then started feeling sorry for herself and was diagnosed with Bulimia nervosa, but after a while it appears she planned at some point to get her own back on Charles/the current Monarchy by exposing secrets about Charles/the monarchy that would turn the British public so much against Charles that he would never be King and the next person to ascend to the throne of England would then be William.

Diana (whether by accident or by her design) gained massive worldwide popularity by performing humanitarian work. She appeared to be genuinely interested in helping the poor/disadvantaged and saw the suffering that land mines around the world were causing, so she decided to use her popularity to try and get land mines banned, which she successfully (temporarily) did.

At the same time there was a rumour that Diana was trying to go out with JFK junior but then he was quickly married off. Then we heard a rumour she was trying to go out with Bill Clinton but that never materialised and the next rumour we heard was that she could be pregnant with Dodi Al Fayed's baby.

Then shortly before her death, Diana went on t.v. saying some treasonous things about Charles.

So, she was possibly killed for any or all of the following reasons:

1) Diana was allegedly carrying a baby which could have been seen as a threat to the current Monarchy being possibly 4th inline to the throne

2) Diana had said treasonous things about the monarchy which couldn't go unpunished

3) Diana was just about to expose secrets about Charles/the current monarchy that Diana knew but that couldn't be allowed to be exposed (David Icke said that he spoke to a close friend of Diana's who said Diana was close to exposing secrets about the monarchy that they wouldn't have wanted out in public)

4) Diana had successfully stopped the sale of land mines and was planning to stop more arms sales which could not be allowed.

5) Diana was so popular around the world that whatever she said could not be ignored by the mainstream media, so she could potentially prevent/stop any of the elitists agendas.

Written by Editor033

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